Facebook Latest Plan for WhatsApp and Instagram Could Create a Problem

Facebook is planning to merge its all Three Messaging Platform WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger Together but this could raise concern over privacy. Last year Facebook had gone through Privacy issues and worried user along with

Google Started Rolling out Updated Gmail App with a New Look

Google has given a new fresh look for its mail app Gmail and started rolling out the updates for the same. The company confirmed all new feature will roll out gradually till April 2019. The Company stated

Apple Face Time Is Eavesdropping, Hear the Audio Before the Call Is Answered

 Major Bug has been identified in FaceTime Apple’s Audio and Video Calling Application, According to a report bug becomes active when any call made through FaceTime App, As soon as the user makes a call, they can

Tokyo Planning Driverless Shuttle For Conveying Passenger To and from the Aircrafts in 2020 Olympics.

Passengers visiting Japan Haneda Airport for 2020 Tokyo Olympics will Find themselves in Driverless Bus Transporting them to and from the airplanes which are currently being tested. Six Japanese Firms Jointly Started a 10 Day Experiment of

Xiaomi Launches Sharesave an e-commerce platform in India to buy China Exclusive Product

A New Interesting Launch By Chinese Electronic Giant Xiaomi they have launched a new e-commerce platform in India right now that offers a quick and East way to order Xiaomi ecosystem products that have been only released